Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Best Kosher Bakery Brings Kosher Food to Seniors

The brisket and challah bread delivered to 81-year-old Nina Hamsel were prepared in Zomick's kosher bakery and blessed by a rabbi before it arrived on her doorstep. On Friday night, each week, Nina and a group of other Jewish seniors receive a healthy meal, prepared after an original Zomick's challah recipe through Jewish Inwood's elderly nutrition program.

On a breezy, winter day in Inwood a volunteer from the program arrived at Nina’s home with a bowl of homemade chicken soup with matzo ball, freshly made bread, a slice of strudel and glazed carrots. For this retired medical nurse, this is the best part of the week when she gets to try some of her favorite dishes, and more importantly exchange a few words with the kind volunteers. Nina has lived alone for over 12 years, ever since her husband Mone died in 2003. But as Nina is not the only one living like this. In fact one in ten Jewish seniors who are a part of the program and are getting regular catering from Zomck’s kosher bakery. The menu includes everything from chicken soup, matzo ball, challah bread, glazed carrots, strudel and other delicious traditional meals.

The kosher prepared meals are delivered by young volunteers who generously dedicate their time to pay company to the seniors, and bring at least a bit joy to their lives. The seniors who receive food at home are all Jewish, although the program doesn’t discriminate other seniors, and are all welcomed to apply, as long as they follow the kosher rules. The kosher meals done after Zomick's challah recipe are prepared under the Jewish dietary laws of kashrut in a kitchen overseen by a supervisor, and are later directly catered to the seniors home doorsteps. Following the rules, there is no dairy and meat served together, there is no pork or shellfish, and fruits are generally served whole. Apart from the regular meals, the seniors also receive a small box of goods, again provided by Zomick's bakery, in case there is some interruption of the delivery.

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