Zomick's in General

Taste the homestyle deliciousness in every bite of Zomick’s freshly baked kosher goodies!

Zomick’s bakers start from scratch on every recipe, creating scrumptious treats with only premium ingredients - and a dash of love. In Zomick’s you can find everything you need from kosher baker products such as rugelach, rainbow cookies, black and white cookies, cinammon and chocolate babkas, macaroons and so many more yummy baked cakes, cookies, desserts and breads.
Zomick’s bakery proudly bakes certified kosher and pareve dairy-free, as well as different specialty lines of natural ingredients, vegan, vegetarian, diabetic-friendly sugar-free, and wheat-free, so that everyone can enjoy traditional NYC bakery treats shipped fresh daily from Zomick’s bakery shop. We provide professional full-service catering in New York. We have experience catering events of all sizes, ranging from small private dinners to elegant weddings to large corporate events.

We have, and continue to serve the community at large, catering events for reputable organizations such as Chabad, Hillel, The Jewish Federation of New York and many others.
Zomick’s kosher bakeryis known for their passion and desire to satisfy their clients with excellent service and high-quality cuisine. Contact Zomick’s bakery for more information about their services.

Zomick’s is certified Glatt Kosher under the supervision of the Va'ad Harabanim New York. They have and continue to cater events for some of the most prestigious and Halachicly strict organizations in New York, including Chabad, Beth Jacob, and Adat Yershurun. Please Contact Zomick’s bakery if you have any questions about thei Kosher Certification, cooking process, or about any of their services.

Even if you like to bake, once you've tasted the delicious kosher baked goods available at Zomick’s bakery, you might wonder why you would. Save yourself time and energy with our traditional kosher breads, cakes, pastries and pies that taste as good as home-made and will keep you coming back for more! Many of our specialty breads, bagels, and pastries are hand-crafted, kosher style, by Zomick’s bakery. Choose your own desserts, gifts for your hosts, or pastry platters for that special event you're hosting.

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